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FutureSense Now Offering Inclusion Services

Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion through a foundation of belonging & purpose. DEI is not only the right thing to do, but it can also have significant benefits for a company’s bottom line and reputation.  

Talent Attraction and Retention

 When you integrate inclusion strategies as a lens across your business, you will attract diverse talent, engage your workforce, and decrease turnover.

Reputation and Market Advantage

Being known as a culture of inclusiveness can improve your reputation, increase your client base, and establish you as a leader in your space.

Sustainability and Compliance

Mitigate risks, ensure legal compliance, and be prepared and confident as changes happen knowing you have a long-term sustainability plan for success.

Inclusion at the ForeFront of Each Decision

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Integration and Strategic Planning 
Apply the DEI lens over every aspect of your business and measure for sustainable outcomes. 

Audit and Review  
We assist you with driving external accountability in a safe space based on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Mitigate your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk and ensure your organization’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. 

Governance of ERG, Affinity Groups, and Councils 
Nurture a diverse and inclusive environment, foster belonging, and harness the collective power and potential of its members. Elevate and continuously improve your governance practices for your committees, councils, ERG, and Affinity groups.  

Learning and Development 
Create opportunities for enrichment with curriculum, keynotes, workshops, learning sessions, and ensure accessibility for all. 

Pay Equity / Equal Pay 
We design compensation programs that incorporate behavioral economics, the science of motivation, the passions of plan participants, and the metrics you need to drive your success from an equal pay perspective. 


“We are excited to bring a just-in-time approach of inclusivity to the marketplace when leaders and businesses are looking for support and ways to get it right more than ever before. The culture of any organization should be fundamentally designed to be welcoming and inclusive, but we know that it is not always easy, although imperative, it is not easy. We are thrilled to work with our existing clients and future clients to make what sometimes seems complicated, simple,”
Dr. Denise Caleb, Ed.D., M.Ed., CME, SHRM-CP, PHR, First Vice President and Director, Human Capital Consulting

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